Space Weed from Skagit Organics

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Calling all cosmic cannabis connoisseurs! The universe of premium cannabis just got a whole lot bigger with the launch of Skagit Organics’ sensational new collection: Space Weed. Get ready to blast off into a realm of flavor, potency, and quality Read More »

Sour Watermelon CBG

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Mouthwatering Magic We’re thrilled to introduce Lush Sour Watermelon Jellies – the ultimate treat that combines the boldness of sweet and sour with the balanced magic of 10mg THC and 10mg CBG. With 10 jellies per pack, these little bites Read More »

New from Swifts

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A Fusion of Flavor and Benefits: Swifts Pink Lemonade Sour Hard Candies not only tantalize your taste buds with their pink lemonade zing but also deliver a spectrum of cannabinoids that can enhance your well-being. The synergy between these cannabinoids Read More »

Whats New?

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Introducing: Minis from House of Cultivar These compact marvels are a testament to the artistry of House of Cultivar, offering a concentrated burst of flavor and potency in every diminutive bud, perfect for peeps seeking exceptional cannabis without compromising on Read More »

Dewey Cannabis Vendor Day

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Herbs House Featured Vendor, Dewey Cannabis 6/22 Thursday 3-6pm Dewey Cannabis Vendor Day brings some very sweet deals to Herbs House! Enjoy big savings on some of our favorite products: Tiny Trees Small(er) Nugs. Same Premium Quality. Positioned further down Read More »

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