NYC Piff S2

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NYC in Ballard?

In the heart of Ballard's vibrant scene,
Where cannabis dreams become routine,
There's a strain that's causing quite a stir,
NYC Piff S2, the connoisseur's preferred.

Born from Cuban Black Haze's Latin dance,
And Northern Lights' tranquil cosmic trance,
Brought to life by Subdued Excitement's skillful hand,
This potent bud is a true wonderland.

In Herbs House, where the green magic dwells,
NYC Piff weaves her fragrant spells.
With buds like emeralds, shimmering bright,
It's a symphony of pleasure, genuine delight.

Inhale the essence of a tropical breeze,
Exhale the stress, let your worries ease.
Let the Cuban rhythm and Northern Lights' embrace,
Combine in one place and lift you to a heavenly space.

So when you seek a journey to the NYC sky,
Just visit Herbs House; give it a try.
NYC Piff S2, Sub Excitements growing grand,
A poetic escape to a cannabis wonderland.

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