Sour Watermelon CBG

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Lush with CBG

Mouthwatering Magic

We're thrilled to introduce Lush Sour Watermelon Jellies – the ultimate treat that combines the boldness of sweet and sour with the balanced magic of 10mg THC and 10mg CBG. With 10 jellies per pack, these little bites of joy are here to light up your taste buds and your day.

Sweet, Sour, and Seriously Awesome: Craving a taste explosion that's equal parts sweet and sour? Look no further! Lush Sour Watermelon Jellies are like a party in your mouth, with the zing of sour watermelon meeting the sweetness you love. It's a flavor combo that's guaranteed to make your taste buds do the happy dance.

10mg THC + 10mg CBG = Blissful Balance: Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary! Each jelly boasts 10mg of THC for that extra lift and 10mg of CBG for that chill you've been craving. It's like a tag team of good vibes working together to bring you the ultimate cannabis experience.

Pocket-Sized Adventure Awaits: Got a creative spark that needs igniting? Need a moment of relaxation without a hassle? Lush Sour Watermelon Jellies are your mini getaway! These pocket-sized goodies are perfect for spontaneous adventures and unwinding on the fly.

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