2017-07-11We love herbs! I walk down multiple times each week and love the vibe, staff and product. Thanks for creating such a welcoming environment. Love the rewards program!
2017-07-15Love the staff they're what keeps me coming back!
2017-07-23So stoned and relaxed! Super cool people
2017-07-25Relaxed atmosphere and helpful staff. Always a good experience here.
2017-07-30I love everything about this place. People are friendly and patient and knowledgeable, great products and suggestions, and overall super great experience.
2017-07-31I came in for a topical for neck pain and the Budtender was very helpful in showing the available products and providing useful info about CBD potency, smell and how much to use.
2017-08-01Jordyn did an awesome job helping me find a really good, reasonably priced hybrid today. I greatly appreciated her positivity, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Moreover, I've been coming to Herbs House for about 2 years, and I can honestly say that I've never had a bad experience, and in general I have a lot of fun shopping it's various wares. Seriously, mad props to y'all on running the best pot shop in Seattle! I feel truly blessed to live so close.
2017-08-03Build in the tax to the price.
2017-08-08As usual a pleasant, authentic experience. Sam was sweet, funny and helpfu!
2017-08-08Everyone here always makes me laugh and knows how to get to my level when I'm working with them. I love coming here.
2017-08-10Was helped by Sam at the counter who was very knowledgeable and friendly. He set me up with exactly what I was looking for.
2017-08-15Very Pleasing
2017-08-18Herbs House is my favorite pot shop in Seattle.
2017-08-19Down to earth sales staff.
2017-08-26Professional and knowledgeable staff and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
2017-08-26Customer Service was Great. The staff were very Friendly and knowledgable.
2017-08-27Would like to see you carry Rogue Raven products. Otherwise, luv the store.
2017-08-29Great experience as always. A manager actually stepped out to provide added information about edibles. A welcoming environment that I will continue to come back to. I would recommend setting up a check-in kiosk to expedite the check-in process. It's sorta unclear how that is suppose to flow. If you need a process / IT guy, I'd be happy to help.
2017-08-30Charlie's the shit!
2017-09-02Always a wonderful experience in this store. I don't go anywhere else in Washington for retail cannabis.
2017-09-02Amazing service!!
2017-09-03Please keep Liberty Reach JuJu’s and cartridges. I’ve heard you’re not too happy with their flower, but their concentrates are the only ones that don’t bug my lungs. Also the VIP program would be great if it included how much is spent. Haha. I spend quite a bit and would love if the amount got me closer to the discount than the frequency. Compliments? Give everyone a raise and a hug! Absolutely love you guys. When friends tell me of other shops, or even if I’m downtown, I’ll make my trek to Herbs. Everyone is awesome, your selection is awesome, and just love you guys in general!! Haha Jah Love, JR The guy with the Seattle skyline tattoo
2017-09-07I come to herbs instead of other shops because I like talking to Tori and other staff. Give them a raise
2017-09-14Charlie is always so fucking awesome and makes my day! Makes me feel like a friend!
2017-09-22Your staff is always so friendly and helpful. My favorite store.
2017-09-22Everyone here is always so friendly and so helpful whenever I come in. I've been loyally coming to Herb's since I moved to Ballard because the service, prices, and overall knowledge of all of their products.
2017-09-23Wonderful and thorough explanation of products and really appreciated feeling like we could take our time deciding which product was best for us!
2017-09-25Super bluntastic broseph.
2017-09-28The products and service are always top notch. No weird lines or bouncers checking IDs. Super friendly and inviting atmosphere. Great staff, some of my favorite one on one customer service in Seattle.
2017-10-03Love all the folks who work at the House! They're nice and authentic.
2017-10-15Cashier was super nice and helpful! I'll be coming back for sure.
2017-10-16Always a great experience
2017-10-27Thanks to the Budtender for pickin the Red Headed Stranger
2017-10-31Keep up the great work!
2017-11-03I love the staff here!
2017-11-04Sam rocks. Big fan of Herb's House - keep up the good work
2017-11-12Good customer service, thanks!
2017-11-12It's always a pleasure to come to the store they employees are fantastic the products are great information on top of it easy access to thank you for your help
2017-11-16You should remind people to use their discounts because we forgetLove all the staff
2017-11-18Love all the staff
2017-11-25This is one of my favorite stops, and encourages me to do short runs to the shop!
2017-11-26The staff here is always knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful
2017-11-30Love the shop, great products and prices. Rachel is just a delight to be around. That type of service brings people like me back in, even though the shop is out of my way. Great job Herb's House staff
2017-12-03I love this spot. Great people and great products (for a great price)
2017-12-07Love the staff! Always the best and so helpful.
2017-12-09Super service and nice employees! Thank you
2017-12-10Couldn't ask for any better service thanks!
2017-12-10Stellar group and great shop
2017-12-11Always Great
2017-12-13Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. I feel at home there.
2017-12-22Charlie is the man; may the Force be with you! Happy Holidays to the wonderful staff of Herbs House!