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Ballard’s Original Recreational Pot Shop

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Charming “Herbs House” Becomes Ballard’s 1st Recreational I502 Shop

Seattle has been blooming with Recreational 502 shops and Herbs House is excited to be the first to open in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

Herbs House has been operating as a Medical Marijuana Collective since September 2013 and is elated to announce its expansion into the recreational market. Located at 716 NW 65th in a converted 1920s Craftsman, Herbs House is true to its name. Herbs House has proved itself to be a cornerstone in the cannabis community over the last year by hosting regular events such as gallery & vendor nights. Herbs House, with its comforting atmosphere, is the perfect gathering place for the cannabis community to grow.

In the words of Owner, Sharon Jacobson, “As a lady entrepreneur I’m thrilled to create an environment where even my mother can feel comfortable accessing cannabis. I’m grateful for my position in our community and I look forward to giving back.”

Great GlassWith the highest quality standards and abundance of organic products, Herbs House continues to surpass any connoisseur’s expectations. Herbs House is dedicated to offering a wide variety of products, paraphernalia and locally crafted glass pipes. Herbs House will continue to be known for its famous infused water in a courteous and neighborly environment reminiscent of a comfortable and relaxing living room.

“Herbs House is a breath of fresh air for the Cannabis Industry. Their clean well lit shop, and professional yet welcoming staff makes this a place anyone would enjoy. They have been in the top tier of the Medical Marijuana Industry since they have been in business and we expect them to maintain that position in the recreational market.” Chase – Co-Founder of Kush Tourism.

Herbs House is honored to invite Ballard to join in the evolution of Seattle’s cannabis community and celebrate our progressive new freedoms.

Grand Opening: Saturday February 7th, 2015
Address: 716 Northwest 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98117

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