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🌿 Wellness Wednesday Deals at Herbs House in Ballard

Wednesdays are all about CBD bliss! Elevate your wellness routine with our special offer: SAVE 20% on all CBD Edibles, Smokeables, and Topicals. Whether you’re looking to unwind with delicious chocolates, relax with fruit flavored gummies, find relief with premium tinctures, or simply enjoy a smokey treat, we’ve got you covered!

Indulge in a variety of options, including:
🍫 CBD-infused chocolates
🍬 Gourmet gummies
💧 High-quality tinctures
🌿 Prerolled joints for a smooth experience
🥤 Refreshing CBD beverages

Explore the calming benefits of CBD and discover your favorite ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.
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