Everyday is 420

420 Spirit Goin’ Strong
Liberty Reach Prerolls:
Granola Funk or Mendo Breath
House of Cultivar Prerolls:
DoSiDo, Pink Prosecco, or Tiramisu
$4.20 Each All Taxes Included

Sunday April 15
Sheesh! Tax Day – You deserve a break!
Mirth Legal Soda
Lemon Ginger or Rainier Cherry
10mg THC Just $4.20

Wednesday April 11
Olala Natural Soda
Ginseng Cola, Lemon-Lime, or Orange Cream
10mg THC – Each – $4.20

Tuesday April 10
Liberty’s Strawberry Mango Haze Preroll
Sativa 14% THC $4.20 all taxes included

Monday April 9
Zeus OG Grams from Sideways
Hybrid Flower 13%THC $4.20

Thursday April 5
Hot Sugar’s CBD Salted Caramel
10mg THC & CBD $4.20

Wednesday April 4
Sideways Ultra Violet
1g Flower just $4.20!
Get in here!

Tuesday April 3
Craft Fremont Freaks
Fruit Bits – 10mg THC – $4.20

Monday April 2
Liberty’s Super Lemon Haze Preroll
Sativa – Half Gram -21% THC – $4.20

Sunday April 1
Pioneer Squares Fruit Gem
Lemon-Mandarin, Watermelon-Kiwi,
Pineapple Crush or Sour Cherry
10mg THC – Each – $4.20

Thursday March 29
Lush Fruit Chews from Verdelux
10mg THC – $4.20 all taxes included

Wednesday March 28
Double Fudge Brownie from The Goodship
10mg of Delicious THC – $4.20 all day long

Monday March 26
Grams from Sideways Green!
Ultraviolet OG Hybrid 14%THC
1 Full gram – $4.20!


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